Our products


For our jewellery we used the material: noble metal - copper and tomback, with semiprecious stones, precious stones, gems and river pearls. The jewellery are silverplated or goldplated (old silver, old gold). We can use rhodium as well. As the last layer is used the burn out pait "Clar", which prevent the jewellery against growing black, which become to be resistet against the outsider effects. All our products are unexceptionable of health.


The weight pouring of tin which was used in gothics is make better by new technology, lead us to possibilities to pour cast off verious placatic things into the form. In our offer you can find...

The chess sets

The chess making is now very moder and we offer this arrangement: making the copper, old copper, old tintin, handmade painting. You can find various type of chess from historical to modern in our e-shop.

The candles

The experience of many years with pouriong of tin figures we used in development the new technology of forming and pouring the handmade original candles with exclusive design. After some time we reached so high standart of design the candles, that many people collect it as an original decoration pieces, than they buy it as a thing of a komodity. You can find present sets in wooden boxes in our offer too.


The new part of our sortiment are glasses. The historical "forrest glass" is combined with pewter. We give the authors collection of luxury drinking glasses with modern, classic and historical motifs on the market. The legs for glasses are art plastics made to the most maximal details, which we introduce to the wide public in five arrangement: classic ( pewter), vulcanic copper, gold zinc with patina ( looks as old gold), silver zinc with patina ( looks as old silver) and black. Combination of unusual cast and traditional green glass with touch of smoke underlines the sparkling of serving drink and raises to the estetic treat from drinking.